Okay, lets be honest, for many of you that post is a big, fat, LIE.  Because most of you reading this very first post probably know all about Noner from following my facebook and previous blog incarnations.  But, just in case you didn’t

10 Random Thing About Noner
(in no particular order)

1.  Noner loves rats!

2.   My favorite movie is Empire Records

Hair color by Splat (blue envy)

Blue Envy by Splat! was my color of choice.

3.  I dyed my hair blue for one entire year!

Well, except for the time that I dyed it purple.  Then there was the red that turned into hot pink.  But mostly it was blue.

And I was 35 when I did this, not a rebellious teen thing.  A grown woman “its my hair and I’ll do what I want” thing.  And I loved every minute of it.

The only reason I stopped dying it was because I thought I was about to lose my job and might need to be presentable for possible employers.

#adulting for the win!

4.  Noner is afraid of the dark.

Yeah, its a tiny bit silly, but I totally am.  There might be monsters under the bed in the dark (nevermind that my bed is a platform bed!).  And, you will never, ever, ever catch me looking in a reflective surface in the dark.

Speaking of which, do you have any idea how many reflective surfaces are in the dark?  Mirrors, windows, television screens.  It’s a minefield!

5.  I want to be a writer when I grow up.

Of course that means I might actually have to grow up one day, so maybe that will never happen.  I don’t write as much as I used to, so I need to fix that.  You can read here at the blog of course, or check out Wild Verbs for some fiction and poetry.

6.  Noner sometimes refers to herself in the 3rd person.  (Don’t judge me.)

Not only do it do it online, but I have been known to refer to myself in 3rd person in real life too.  Like, at work, on the headset, where everyone can hear me.  Yeah….I do that.

7.  I’m a cat person, but have only had dogs for the past several years.

I love cats.  I also like dogs a lot.  My husband loves dogs and doesn’t care so much for cats.  I wanted to adopt a kitten recently.  I came home with another dog instead.

Oscar the Labradoodle

Oscar is a labradoodle with the worlds most amazing doggy beard.

So, hes probably the cutest dog in the history of cute dogs, but he’s not a cat.  I guess I can forgive him for that.

8.  I’ve worked for the same company for the past 12 years.

These days that is quite an accomplishment, considering that its a retail job.  Retail jobs have a high turnover. Nobody considers them a “real” job.  Seems real enough to me.  Just saying.

9.  I’m not so good at talking about myself.

You’re average person would be able to share 10 random things about themselves with no problem at all.  It has taken me TWO DAYS to come up with 10 things about myself.  That can’t be good….

10.  Hot Bath Therapy!

Nothing makes me happier at the end of the day than slipping into a scalding tub of water.

A recent test proved that my baths raise my body temperature by 5 degrees.

And that’s it.  That’s all I got.  Want to know more, feel free to drop a comment.  I’ll add stuff.