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Journal Monday: Choosing a Journal

Today as I’m sitting here, struggling with choosing a journal to start writing in, I thought I might share a little of my journal history with you.

Why I Started Journaling

Way back in the past, as 1999 turned into 2000 I made a resolution to keep a journal.  At the time I was reading a book in which a pregnant character was keeping a journal for her baby about the world.  It sounded cool to me, so I started journaling with hopes of it being a good chronicle.

I was young, and my journals did not go the way I had daydreamed them.  My first journal was, instead, a book of what I did that day, who I was crushing on and rant after rant after rant.

I kept these journals for years in cheap dollar store notebooks.   Not spiral bound, but the small hardback journals.  I filled up book after book after book.

Then my oldest brought bought me a journal because he knew it was a thing I did and I thought it was the most amazing book I’d ever had.  I loved it.

Fast forward to adulthood, my husband started reading my journals and attacking me for what was written (ranting remember) and for years my journaling became sporadic to non-existent.  Instead of personal journals I kept a blog.  Sporadically I would do gluebooks or art journal pages.

This past year I started keeping a Bullet Journal, which has made me want to keep a personal journal again, but I keep hesitating to start.

I have decided to resolve to journal keeping again.

Choosing a Journal For Now
Spirit of Flight Journal

You can order this beautiful journal from amazon.

Over the years, despite not journaling, I still managed to collect a hoard of blank books.

I have this journal by Peter Pauper Press in my hoard.  I have always found it stunningly beautiful.  My mother in law gifted it to me many Christmases ago.  I’ve written one page in it, meaning to start a list of 101 things that make me smile.   I stopped at 2 entries with 16 things.

Part of me wants to wait until After Christmas to start journaling again.  I’ve asked for several journals and want to wait to see if I get any of them.

Actually, another part of me wants to wait until the 1st, just like I started my 2000 journaling on the 1st of a new year, as midnight struck.

But another part of me is worried that if I wait for that long, another 3 weeks, that I’ll lose this desire I have right now to journal.


  1. I have hundreds of them myself, they filled with poetry from when I was younger. I stopped keeping a journal when I was sixteen because of the same thing my family read them and weren’t liking what I wrote. It wasn’t until 2012, when I started writing in a journal again.

  2. I like you cannot keep a journal because of people reading it.

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