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Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child: Book Review

Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child

Has enigmologist Jeremy Logan finally met his match?

Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child is a book I picked up off the NEW shelf on my last library trip.

I’ve never read anything by Lincoln Child before, though the cover proclaims him to be a New York Times #1 bestselling author.  Speaing of the cover, it is the reason I picked up the book.  It boasts a spooky cabin in the middle of nowhere, similar to the cover of The Hexed.  I guess I had a theme going on during that trip.

Jeremy Logan is an enigmalogist –an investigator who specalizes in analyzing unnatural phenomena.

He travels to an isolated retreat deep in the Adirondacks in an attempt to finish his monograph.  However, he’s approached by an old friend on his very first night at the retreat and finds himself investigating a series of deaths in the area, as a favor.

Every time he tries to tell himself he’s finished with the investigation he finds some other small tidbit of information that draws him back in.  He has seen a lot of strange things in his investigations, but could there possibly be an actual werewolf hunting the Adirondack Mountains?

What I Liked about Full Wolf Moon

You don’t see many werewolf novels.  At least not ones where the werewolf is a killer animal and not some hot guy for the female protag to fall in love with.  I’m a sucker for a good old fashioned monster story.

While most of the book is following the investigation and you don’t know who/what the killer is until the climax, I like that you do get to see some of the action from the POV of the victims.  Again, I’m a sucker for a monster story and they are much more fun when you see the monster.

What I Didn’t Like About Full Wolf Moon

Its part of a series.  AGAIN.  What is it with series these days?

Again, similar to The Hexed, the story seems to stand alone.  There is mention of  Jeremy’s wife, and his losing her.  You don’t get that whole story but none of it seems to pertain to the story in this novel.

Other than being book #5 follow Jeremy Logan on his adventures I can’t think of much I didn’t like about the tale.

Over all I give Full Wolf Moon a 4 out of 5 star rating.  It was a captivating read that kept me turning pages until the end.  Once the momentum kicked in it never slowed down enough to dull the story.  It’s certainly not “keep you up at night” horror, but its a good story.  I’d recommend it to anyone who loves horror/thriller reads.


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  1. Sounds interesting. You are getting a lot of reading done.

    • When its a good book, I can read about a book a week. 2 books if they are teen reads.

      I read in the tub at the end of my day, and on my lunch breaks at work when I get one. I just read fast.

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