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Snow Fall in the South

Frozen Red BerriesThe people from the Northern realm have been laughing at us silly southerners for the past few days.  But, give us a break.  How often does snow fall in the south?

Sure, an entire city shut down because of a few inches of white stuff fell from the sky, but it was probably for the best.  Most of us can’t even walk in the stuff, most less drive in it.

Right about now you’re probably asing yourself, “What is she yammering about?”

Well, its like this.  I live in Savannah, GA.  Last month I was complaining because it was too warm for Christmas.  So, what happens on January 3rd?


That’s right.  It snowed.  And it stuck.  Our streets disappeared.  Our bushes and trees were covered in ice.  Our children (and our husbands.  Okay, and ourselves) built snowmen.

Snow Fall in the South

Yes, he has no eyes, and he has no mouth, and he has no nose and no arms and….well…just keep reading.

Well, some of us built snowmen.  Others of us *cough*me*cough start building snowmen, then fall down on our rears in the snow and give up the process.

The children were ill-equipped to play in this winter wonderland themselves.  Unused to below freezing temperatures, they could only stand a few minutes at a time before coming in with soaking wet gloves and cold hands.

Oh, but the joy of seeing their little faces light up when the prospect of snow became a reality.  They may never see an event like this again until they are adults with kids of their own.

So, those of you who are jaded by yearly snowfall, those of you who have it often enough to hate the fact that it is a thing, you just keep on laughing.  Because on January 3 and January 4th of 2018, our world turned white and memories were made.


  1. It has been way too cold to even go outside here in Jersey. below freezing for the last ten days. There is a about two feet of snow outside. Your boys look like they are enjoying it.

  2. I live in the south too, and I love it! No, we are not equipped with snow-chains for our tires or snow shovels for our driveways, but we do know how to enjoy the rare snowfall. Although, I admit, I don’t much like the ice. Hooray on your snowman! We haven’t gotten snow yet, but I wait with great anticipation!

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