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Absolutely Adorable Valentine Wreath Made With Coffee Filters

Valentine Wreath DIY

Heart Shaped Wreath for Valentine's DayFebruary is right around the corner.  Friends and lovers are scrambling to find the perfect way to say “You Complete Me” to the special person in their lives.  This Valentine Wreath DIY is a simple and inexpensive way to show the world your home is ready for a little love too!

Chances are good that you have everything you need to make this wreath in your home right now.  If not, everything is simple to get your hands on

Looking for a good project to keep little hands busy?  This craft is great for the whole family to participate in, with adult supervision of course.

You can hang this Valentine Wreath on your front door, or use it for Valentine’s Decor inside your home too.  Make more than one to spread the love to every room in your home.

Just how easy is it?  Keep reading to find out!

Valentine Wreath Supplies

Like I said, so many of these supplies, if not all of them, are already laying around your house!

  • Foamcore board or heavy cardboard
  • Strong scissors or craft knife
  • Red and/or Pink paint (acrylic or watercolor)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Coffee filters
Dye Your Filters

The first thing you should do is dye your coffee filters.  I recommend doing this FIRST because your filters will need time to dry before you can apply them to your wreath form.

Take a large bowl and put a SMALL amount of the paint color you want in the bottom of the bowl.  Pink or Red are good Valentine’s Day colors, but you can make it any color you please.

Remember, a little paint goes a long way.

Add about half a cup of water to your paint in the bowl.  Using a paintbrush stir until all the paint has dissolved in the water.

Coffee Filters in Pink Dye

Filters are “thirsty” and will quickly suck up the colorful water.

Once your paint and water are well mixed, take some of the filters and dip them, open side down, into the bowl.

The filters will very rapidly suck up the tinted water. The longer your leave it in the stronger the color will be. The color will travel UP the filter, even after you have taken it out of the water. If you dip and remove the filters very quickly from the water, then you’ll have a neat ombre effect to your filter.

After you have dipped all of your filters, set them aside on a towel to dry. This process can take a while, so you might want to dip your filters the day before you assemble your wreath.

After the filters have dried, take a paintbrush and paint the top edges with undiluted paint.  This gives it an extra POP of color.

Crafty Tip

You can speed drying time with a heat gun or hair dryer. But be careful. Coffee filters are thin, and can burn!

Cut Your Valentine Wreath Form

Valentine Wreath Form

Again, you can make a heart shaped wreath form from items in your own home! There is no need to go out and buy an expensive heart shaped wreath form. You can easily cut your own from a piece on inexpensive foam core board ($1 and up). Or, if you have a heavy cardboard box around the house that is large enough, even that will work just fine!

You will want to use something thick and sturdy though. Shipping boxes or Corrugated cardboard will work best. Cereal boxes won’t hold up so well.

Draw your heart on whatever material you use, and cut it out with a strong pair of scissors or a craft knife. Then draw a second heart inside the first and cut it out. That will be the center of your wreath. The dyed filters will be attached to the remaining cardboard.

I did this craft using foam core board. You could also use some sturdy cardboard if you have some around your house.

If you’re not crafty enough to get a good heart shape out of foam core or cardboard, there are heart shaped wreath forms you can purchase.

Assemble your wreath.

Now that you have your wreath form ready, and your coffee filters dyed and dried, its time to put your wreath together.

Plug in your hot glue gun, you’ll be using it a lot. (Unless you’re letting the kids do it, then get the tacky glue ready.)

Take one filter, and fold it in half to make a semi-circle. Fold that in half to make a triangle shape. Then twist the pointy tip into a flat base while crumpling the top part into a crunch ball. Glue it to the outer edge of your wreath form.

Repeat with the next filter, and the next, until the outer edge is filled in. The closer together you put them, the fuller your wreath will look in the end. (and the more coffee filters you will need. My wreath took 160 filters)

Continue gluing filters to the form, working from the outside inward, until the whole thing is full of the filters. You will cover from the outer edge to the inner edge, but will not be gluing any filters to the back.

Hang Your Wreath

Now you get to hang your wreath and enjoy it!

Take a matching ribbon and hot glue, staple, or pin it to the back of your form. The Length here is up to you. I kept mine hidden behind the wreath itself, but you could make a longer ribbon with a nice bow at the top to hang it from as well.

The possibilitys are endless.

Once you’ve attached your hanger, take a moment to fluff out those filters that you crunched up while gluing them down. They should look like lovely flowers now!

An adorable heart shaped Valentine Wreath that looks like its covered in carnations, made from cardboard and coffee filters.

Have fun!  Let me know if you make one.  I would LOVE to see it.

(I first posted this article on Squidoo an automatically moved to Hubpages. I’ve removed it from the site to post it at its new home here.)

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  1. Oh what a cute craft for Valentine’s Day.

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