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Camp So-and-So

Camp So-and-So by Mary McCoy

Camp So-and-So

The letters went out in Mid-February.  There were twenty-five letters, to twenty-five girls.  Each letter invited its recipient to spend a week at Camp So-and-So on a merit scholarship.  All twenty-five girls sent their completed applications to an obscure Appalachian town.

Except the town doesn’t exist, and nobody has ever heard of Camp So-and-So.

Now Cabin 1 wants to beat the rival camp across the lake, home of the perfect beach.

Cabin 2 is being stalked by a murderer.

Cabin 3 is sent off on a magical quest t break a curse.

Cabin 4 has met their soul mates.

And what exactly happened to Cabin 5 anyway?

What Did I Think about Camp So-and-So

Camp So-and-So is book 3/60 of the 60 books I’m attempting to read this year.

It took me a little time to get into it.

The novel is set up weird.  It is set into “Acts” and each “Act” introduces its own cast of characters on a character page.  Its almost like a playbill.

As we “meet” each cabin we get to know its inhabitants to different degrees.  (The poor girls of Cabin 5 don’t even get names!)

Now its one of those books where you are hopping from POV to POV.  This cabin, that cabin, the other cabin and back and forth.  Those can sometimes he hard to follow and keep track, but it was a little easier with this book since each cabin is doing something different.

Now, clearly, this is not your typical Summer Camp book.  There is something wrong, and apparently magical about Camp So-and-So.  Once I got past the weirdness of the set up, and each Cabin began its own trials and tribulations I was absorbed into the novel.

My favorite cabin was Cabin 3 and their quest.  I could have read an entire novel about them alone.

If you like YA fantasy fiction and don’t mind a little violence I would recommend this novel to you.


  1. Sounds mysterious and interesting!

  2. Sounds like a book I would enjoy and one that would make a good movie too.

  3. I think I will check this one out. I need change.

  4. That sounds like a very interesting book!

  5. It sounds a good book to read. Thanks for sharing.

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