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A Thousand Words on Social Media

Social Media Speaks a Thousand Words

There is a saying on how a picture speaks a thousand words.  That has always been true in art and photography, as a fine work of art can fill you with so much emotion at once glance.  Today, with the internet and social media, there are more pictures than ever, and more eyes on them.
Lately my family has hit a patch of hard times.  My husband is having medical problems, and I was made part time at work, sometimes getting as few as 12 hours a week.  This is giving me a raw feeling of helplessness, and a lot of the memes on social media are rubbing salt in those wounds.
I love how Facebook meme’s and gifs let you know how people REALLY feel about you without them saying a word. And if you point out how it applies to you and is hurtful they will always say something that boils down to, “I don’t mean YOU of course. You’re different. I’m talking about the rest of them.” But you know what, this is not a case of difference. There IS no “rest of them,” no invisible barrier that separates me from the world.

Friends Close, Enemies Closer

So to my social media “friends” I say please, KEEP posting those memes.  Sure, your words hurt me but I’m not going to attempt to stifle your “free speech.”  I’m also not going to unfriend you.  I need to keep seeing what you share as a form of self defense. 
Because seeing the hate you share lets me know who I can really turn to when I need someone. It lets me know who I can really give my truths and trusts to. Lets me know who might gleefully stab in the back in the pretense of giving me a hug.  It lets me  when I need to wear my costume and when I can take off my mask.  
And thank you for reminding me over and over and over and over again how horrible and ugly the world is. People say that it is the “bad element” that is few and far between and that it seems worse because the media hypes it up. They try to convince me that in reality the good outweighs the bad, BUT this isn’t MEDIA, this is SOCIAL media. This isn’t some news mogul telling me who to love and who to fear. This is people, every day people, people I know in person, or know in passing.  These are my friends, or the friends of my friends. This is every individual posting what is in their hearts and minds, coming from their own fingers, through their own computers and phones.
But keep in mind, if you are seeing and feeling the same things you should always remember They’re not talking about YOU, they’re talking about EVERYONE ELSE.


  1. I find it hard sometimes to “like” a post of someone just told me that someone died they loved.

    I hope I have not offended you because I do not have those intentions.

    But I can bet I have made you mad before but I think that is what friends are for, its okay for everyone to not like or share the same feelings about something.

    I agree, keep enemies closer, that way you have the upper hand and are in the know.

    • As far as I know you have never posted any of the memes that I found hurtful and/or offensive. The one that set me off this morning was a food stamp one which is close to home since we’ll soon be applying for them ourselves. I can’t find another job, and my kids gotta eat.

  2. People say a lot of hurtful things on Facebook. If they find themselves saying, “But I didn’t mean you!” a whole lot, then maybe they need to re-examine their values and think before they speak.

    Good on you for finding the positives in a really negative experience! And if you need to talk, you know how to find me <3

    • The problem with the “I didn’t mean you” people is that they are fully aware of their “values” but don’t want to face it when they realize what they are saying has implications that would affect people they know and maybe even care about.

  3. Nona, I hope that I am less an in your face trouble friend than supportive, loving, cheerleading friend. Social media is killing me right now. I am suicidal hurt because I am ignored when I do things I feel important, and because pain is shuttled out with the crap. I feel like I have to keep my negative feelings, hurts, pains, difficulties, and disappointments locked up or someone will hate me.

    For Christ’s sakes people, Mom died. My beloved dog is dying. My son is all the way across the country. No one will visit me. If I say something, I’m playing the old poor pitiful me card. This is what I want to say, but I keep it inside and let it eat me up like those brain parasites.

    I know where you are, I think. I want to reach out and fix things for you, but I am falling into ruin myself.

    Ever feel like telling them all to go you know where? Well let me know when you do, and I will back you up double-time.

    Sorry, I am less than helpful. I do love you, Nona. Hugs all around.

    • Rest assured you are not one of the ones saying the things that are hurtful to me. I’m talking about the endless memes. Pictures where people are proclaiming in bold type that people who are on food stamps (of who I will soon be one of) should stop being lazy and just get a job because they, the hardworking greater america, shoduln’t have to pay for their poorness. I’m talking about the people who would condemn me to hell because I refuse to condemn others to hell for who they love. The people who lump anything other than standard heterosexality into the same bin as pedophillia and bestiality. I’m talking about the people who think I should be deported because I wont get on my knees and kiss the testicles of our “pussy grabbing” president, the people who say that “rape culture” is not a thing. I’m talking about the people who add the word “-tard” to the end of all descriptive words when talking about someone who thinks differently than they do.

      There is one meme, a fairly popular one, that goes something along the lines of “Awesome things will happen today if you choose not to be a miserable cow.” Because, you know, my depression is a “choice” and I could be happy if I just freaking TRIED to be.

      No, you are not a hurtful soul, but your are a HURT soul. You have gone through so much pain recently, and you struggles with yourself the same way I struggle with myself, our inner demons sing similar tunes.

      I’ve thought of just disconnecting facebook, but if I did that I’d lose the only friends I have. I’d be truly alone, and who knows what I’d do with myself then.

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