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April First – UBC Begins


Today is/was April 1st.  It also happened to be Easter Sunday.

It also happens to be the first day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge for April 2018.

Ultimate Blog Challenge

This is a challenge that I join every year but ultimately end up quitting.

See, I’m a quitter.  When the going gets tough I say, “Nope, I can’t do this!” and pop myself inside of my shell.

Kind of like a terrified turtle, but not as cute.

Why did the turtle cross the road? (Leave your best punchline in the comments!)

Why so afraid?

Well, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m not like a lot of other bloggers out there these days.  I’m a little “old school.”  I’m a holdover from when blogs were personal, almost like online journals.

See, I don’t try to sell you things. (Except this.  Or maybe this.  Oh, and this thing.)  I just talk about my life.  Which might be cool if I went places and did things but…

I’m not really pinnable, or tweetable or viral.

What I am is real, and maybe relatable.  Pretty darn normal and maybe a bit boring.

So when I join the challenge and I start reading and sharing everyone elses blogs I start to feel a little ….um….  Breakfast Club.

But, somewhere out there in the entirety of the internet is my tribe.

You know, the socially awkward 30-something moms who can relate to how mundane my life is and be all, “I feel you sister!”

In March I had 19 views from 13 visitors.

The only place to go is up, right?


  1. This is the year you don’t quit!

  2. So relatable. Had I not been supported by my sister all through I would have quit for sure. This year let’s do it 🙂 you may never know what lies on the other side.

  3. This is the month you can do it! I am like you, I just blog away at nothing in particular. I don’t have a niche, but love writing about food, food and my grandchildren. Not the exciting topics for some people but like you, I enjoy it! So let’s do this together this month and write about whatever comes in our heads! I know you can do it!!

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