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Free Patio Makeover

Have you ever stepped into your outdoor living space and thought, “I would love a free patio makeover?”

I had a moment like that just recently.

It is that time of year again when I start wanting to spend more time outside, but I’m always made sad by my outdoor surroundings.  I’m happy to have a backyard to sit in, but at the same time, I wish I could have someone surprise me with a free yard makeover.

There are things I have no control over like my dog has killed all the grass in the yard.  But there are some small thing I do have control over, like this spot:

This is the side of our patio closest to the house, and where I sit a lot when I’m outside because it is always in the shade.  But as you can tell I’ve not really sat there for a while.  It has become a dumping ground for boxes on the way to recycling and trash hanging off the rails.  The leaves have piled up and the snow this year killed most of the plants I had there.

Clearly, this is an easy fix.  Just put the trash in the trash, sweep up the leaves, and get rid of the dead things.  Easy-peasy right?

Well, I keep putting it off.

I’m not a person who likes to clean.  And when I do clean I like to have the right supplies.  So every time I come outside I start making a lit of things I need.  Like, I need an outdoor broom to sweep up those leaves, because no other broom could possibly work.

Oh, and I need some spray paint for those chairs.  But clearly, they need to be bleached first.  And it’s not yard waste day so I can’t get rid of those dead plants and leaves anyway.  Might as well wait.  And no matter what I do it’s still going to look bad because the whole house needs a good power washing.

I also go outside with everything undone.

Until today!

Free Patio Makeover After

Is it still considered a makeover if all you do is clean?  I’m going to go with YES.  And just look at what nothing but a normal broom and a couple of trips to the trash can accomplished.

Free Patio Makeover After

Oh, and a box cutter, because I hacked off the old outdoor rug on the porch that was filthy beyond sweeping and had been hanging over the edge for a couple of years anyway.

I’m trying to salvage the two small green shoots left in my otherwise dead Aloe plant.  I planted a couple of spider plant babies I got from my mother in law.  The rest of the pots are still empty, but at least not full of dead things now!

If I Had the Dough

This was a $0 makeover, so I  couldn’t ask for too much.  There are a couple of things I might do with this space if I had the extra bucks to spend.

First I would get an outdoor rug for the space.  I love color so I would want something bright and fun like this:

I would also like to get a couple of new, more comfortable chairs, and a new tiny table. The one in the pic is rusty and only standing up because it’s leaned against the wall.

Everyone loves a rocking chair, right? Especially in the South where I live. These would be cute AND comfy.Oh, and let’s not forget, since the rug is gone off the porch I need a new welcome mat for us to wipe our feet on on the way in!

Oh, who am I kidding?  Nobody but me would use it anyway!

So, what do you think?  Was my free patio makeover a success?  What cheap or free changes would you make to this space if it were yours?


  1. I would look for free things to grow and pretty rocks. Maybe paint a few in wild colors with positive sayings. Cut plastic grocery bags into plarn and crochet or loom knit area rugs. Use plastic paint to add color or weave leftover yarn through the crochet stitches. Just more free stuff. I will have to see if I get inspired to follow suit tomorrow.

  2. Looks wonderful! Do you have an online recycle/exchange app where you live? Here it’s called Trash Nothing. A person can post anything they no longer need or something they want. It’s all free! Check it out you may be able to get a rug, some chairs or nice colorful plants😊

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