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Oscar and his Boy

Oscar, the Labradoodle

When you are the well loved dog of a little boy, some indignities are expected.  Even regal ninja dogs like myself sometimes have to pretend to be pack animals.  Or superheros.  Don’t you love my monster cape?

dog wearing blanket

Sometimes I am his dog. Always he is my boy.

Dog and Boy


Oscar Ponders His Ball: Wordless Wednesday

Oscar Plays Ball

My labradoodle is very ball oriented.

We adopted a dog in June.  We also adopted his ball addiction.  If there is a ball nearby nothing else is important.  At all.  Ball trumps all.

Green Tree Frog – Wordless Wednesday

The weather here has finally started turning cold.  Cold enough to be uncomfortable for the cold blooded creatures like the green tree frogs who live in our palm trees.  Which is why I was a little startled to open my recycling bin and find this green tree frog camping out under the lid.

Tree Frog

I think I frightened him.

I could probably pick up a book and find out exactly what kind of tree frog he is, but I’ll stick with calling my a green tree frog.  (Not to be confused with the Red Eyed Green Tree frog.)

It was COLD, and he was sluggish.  I started to close him in again, because the black of the plastic traps heat to keep him warm, but he moved enough that I couldn’t close the lid without smashing him.

tree frog side

He posed for one photo before taking a leap off.

He did muster up enough energy to take a flying leap OFF of the recycling bin, towards me.  The daring fellow ended up on the top of our fence.  Not a good place for a bright green amphibian to hang out during the day.

tree frog on fence

Perched on the fence, trying to juice up for another jump.

I scooped him up and eventually put him in some bushes.  I hope he found a warm place to snuggle down until the weather turns warm again.

Tree Frog on Fingers

He sat on my hand long enough for me to put him somewhere safer.

That was my (mostly) Wordless Wednesday for this week!  I hope you enjoyed my frigid croaker.

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