You’ll notice that we are several days into 2018 and I’ve not popped in and shared my 2018 Resolutions with you all.

That is because I’ve not been able to SET resolutions for myself.  I’ve been in one of my deep blue funks, and being depressed is not condusive to setting goals.  It is more likely to make me hide my head under a pillow and try to wait for the next New Year to roll around.

However, after drafting, writing, re-writing

2018 Word of the Year

I am a quitter.

That’s right.  I’m not a person who keeps fighting against all odds.  When the going gets tough I stop going.

That is probably why I never have kept many of my resolutions, or other life goals.

So, after several weeks of thinking on it I decided that my Word of the Year should be something to keep me on track, to help remind me to stop giving up so easily.  So I chose:


to continue steadfastly or firmly in some state, purpose, course of action, or the like, especially in spite of opposition, remonstrance,etc.:

to last or endure tenaciously:

to be insistent in a statement, request, question, etc.

Since the Word of the Year is supposed to be sort of a signpost, a guiding factor in the decision you make.  I need to not give up so easily.  I need to Persist instead of throwing in the towel at the first sign of anything less than success.

2018 Resolutions Major

  1. Lose 70 Pounds
    Weighing in at 227.8 at the time of writing this, and being only 5’3″ I am easily 100 pounds overweight.  In the past I’ve only said that I want to “Lose weight” or “get healthy.”  So this year I’m setting a solid goal.  70 pounds.  That rounds up roughly to 6 pounds a month.How:
    I’ve got to keep an eye on my calories, and exercise more.
    This is one goal that I set every year and keep not doing.How:
    Well, this one is a 2 step process.
    Step One: Make something!
    Step Two: Post it online for sell.Okay, maybe its a 3 step process.
    Step 3: Convince someone to buy something.
  3. Focus on my Blog
    I finally convinced my husband to invest a little into a wordpress domain for me.  Now I need to put some effort in it.  It’s mine for 3 years.  In 3 years I hope to be able to earn enough so that it will at least pay for itself when it comes time to renew.
  4. How:
    Well, stop letting it sit for weeks or even months without posting anything.
    I’m going to set up a posting routine.  It might take a while to get the bugs worked out.  I want to post my book reviews on a certain day every week.  Share a craft on a certain day every week, and post other things in a more timely manner.On top of affiliate sales via amazon, I also plan to use my blog to share my items from Resolution #2 that I’m trying to sell.  Hopefully if I tend it well my blog will help drive traffic to my online store which will help me be able to keeping buying books and craft supplies.Dear Reader, what would YOU like to see me write about in 2018 and beyond?


These are “Minor” resolutions not in that they are less important, but in that they are more easily achievable.

  1.  Start Keeping a Journal
    The only resolution I ever kept was as 1999 turned into 2000 and I said I wanted to keep a daily journal.  And I did, for YEARS.  Then I met my husband who read said journals and went nuts on what was in some of them and then…..I slowly stopped writing.Keeping a journal is good for mental health.  I have bad mental health, so I need to start journaling again, so I am.
  2.  Get More Nature
    I love the outdoors.  I hide in my house because I live in a neighborhood where the houses are pretty close together.  I have a backyard but I don’t spend time there much other than playing ball with the dog.  I need more nature in my life.  Not sure how I’m gonna get this in but…..

So, there is a look inside of my plans for myself in 2018.  Lets see how long I can keep them up, considering it took 2 weeks to write them.